Cabinet of Sewing Curiosities

Our second Sewing Cabinet of Curiosities is based around Vintage Themes and Images.  I chose Red and Green as my main theme based on the Colours on the Fabric Covered Button and Fabric.  For many of the techniques I have used to create this Cabinet and the Free PDF Printables see my previous Blog Post Cabinet of Shabby Chic Sewing Curiosities.

To create the "Finish" on this Cabinet I firstly assembled the Cabinet.  Working in sections, starting at the Back, I applied a layer of Mod Podge then placed some Dress Making Tissue Pattern from and old pattern over, smoothed down and set aside to dry.  Once dry I trimmed the excess away with a knife.  I repeated this process, next covering the Sides, then the insides of the Shelves, before finally covering the Front.  Once the Cabinet was completely covered I applied a coat of Mod Podge over the top to seal and create a lovely Varnished effect finish.  I distressed all of the Edges and in the Corners of the Shelves with Tim Holtz Distess Walnut Stain applied with a Sponge and Brush.




For this Cabinet I have Used 4 Of our 3D Miniature Baskets and left them in their Natural Finish. On the top shelf I created an Oblong Basket full of Treasures, including 4 of our Button Card Buttons, our Crochet Hook and Yarn Button, Pewter effect Charm Scissors from my Stash, and created everything else with yarn and our Free Mini Printables. Also on this Shelf are a Large and Medium Cotton Reel wound with Embroidery Yarn, a Silk Ribbon Rose and some Red and Green Headed Pins from from my Stash.


Shelf 2 contains a Dolls House Miniature Sewing Machine purchased on ebay UK. This also came with the Miniature Box of Oil, (Singer Box on Shelf 3) and the Sewing Machine Manual and Needles that I used in the Round 3D Basket. The Brass Scissors are a Charm with the Ring cut off, Book Cover, Box and Chart on right side all on our Free Printables. At the back I have attached our Life's a Stitch Button with Mini Brad Heads in each Corner.


Shelf 3.  The 3 Book Covers, Bead Stringing Box and Cotton Reel Label are all on the Free Printables.  The Mini Glass Bottle was filled with Mini Red and Green Buttons, I replaced the Cork with a Vintage Glass Button and added a Brass Button Charm.  I have attached our Jar of Buttons Button to the back of the shelf and put our Craft Scissors Button in the top of the Cotton Reel.  Finally I made the little Heart Shaped Box by Colouring 2 of our Midi Heart Buttons with Dark Brown Sharpie, stuck them together when dry, then added the end of an earring finding coloured with my Gold Sharpie to the top.


Shelf 4. The Knitting Patterns, Sewing Patterns, Book Cover, Skein Card, Cotton Reel Label and Tape Measure are all on the Free Printables. I stuck our Pin Cushion Button to the Back, added our Knitting Wool and Knitting Needles Button to the Oval 3D Basket and placed one of our Dressmaking Shears Buttons on the Book.


All these Little Treasures are such fun to make, and are surprisingly easy to achieve. :-)




To create the Fabric Bolts I cut some Grey Board into Strips 11 mm Wide x 50 mm Long. I then wrapped a selection of Fabrics measuring approx 4.6 cm x 34 cm from my Fat Qtr's stash around each piece. I made 12 in total. I then added Fabric Labels, included on our Free Printables, to each. The Brass Frame is from my Stash I added a Cute Vintage image to the centre and stuck a Rinestone at the top. The Thread Chart, also on the Free Printables was stuck on Cream heavy weight card, and cut in 2. The other half is stuck on the right hand side of Shelf 2.

To Finish off the Cabinet of Sewing Curiosities I added our Sewn With Love Button, Mannequin Button , Patchwork Button and Tape Measure Button to the Front.  Plus some Metal Letters, a Crochet Flower, Covered Button, Bow and Metal Scissors Charm all from my Stash.... and I have to say I loved making both of these Sewing Cabinets and hope you do too :-)