Can the “Buttons” be painted?

Yes.  They can be coloured with Felt Pens, Pencils, Paint,
Stickles, etc.  You can either pick out a few areas or
decorate the whole embellishment.  Dab on the colour then
fill in any missing areas being careful not to go over the engraved
lines.  Use the back of the Button to do any testers.

How do you attach them?

They can be attached with Double Sided Tape, Glue Dots, Pva
or any of the numerous craft Glues now available that will stick
most items down.  If in doubt consult individual directions on the Glue,
they usually advise if it is possible to stick wood products.  Or simply
make a feature of the holes and sew them on!

Can they be used for clothing?

No.  We do not recommend using them on clothing.  They are designed
to be used as embellishments on Craft Projects.  They may not withstand
frequent washing as they have no sealant applied.  This is so they can
be used as they are or decorated to match your craft project.

MDF Products, do they require preparation?

No.  We produce virtually smoke free, premium grade, MDF products that require
no additional sanding or preparation.  Simply apply felt pen, paint or stain etc directly onto
the product.  You can of course achieve that smokey effect should it be required
simply by inking the edges with distress inks, for example by sponging on walnut stain
in the required areas.

Do you provide Custom Cutting?

We are BA Hons Degree trained and offer a full in-house design service,
producing products for craft sellers who require individual, unique, quality products for their craft business.
Please email info@craftwoodcreations.co.uk for further details.

Can I Order From Outside The UK?

This website only accepts UK orders. If you wish to order from overseas please contact us.