Cabinet of Steampunk Curiosities

Cabinet of Steampunk Curiosities

A Steampunk Cabinet was always on the agenda as I thought these would look fab Decorated with a Steampunk theme :-) I created 2 cabinets a sort of his and hers!! as I had loads of ideas for these. Firstly the "his"...... To create this I first assembled the Cabinet then covered the back and front with Texture Paste using 1 of our new Metallic Stencils. The "pipe work"! was created with Flexible Drinking Straws, Round Electrical Cable clips 4-5 mm and Metal 5mm centre Washers. I formed the pipework around the outside & thought it would be cool to carry it on through some of the shelves. Once everything was stuck in place I painted/sponged the entire Cabinet with 2 coats of Black Acrylic.





Once the paint was dry I rubbed Viva Inka Gold Paste: Graphite over the entire cabinet. To highlight the Pipe Work I rubbed Viva Inka Gold Paste: Copper over. To prevent the copper Paste going in other areas I used off-cuts of thick paper to protect areas.



This Cabinet contains 3 of our Buttons. Stick Phone 435, Typewriter 433, (Ink Bottle 963 used on Steampunk Desk Organiser instead!) & 1 from our New Range of Steampunk Themed Buttons the Armillary Sphere 1183 (managed to add this one in at the last minute as I didn't design the new Steampunk themed Buttons until I'd nearly finished the Cabinets (Horse & Cart springs to mind :-/). As I didn't think this looked like the kind of guy who would have baskets on his shelves! I thought I had better come up with some more appropriate storage solutions! So I have created some Mini Crates, much more appropriate :-). Available like the baskets as a pack of 3 (1 large, 2 small) 3D Mini Crates. The Buttons where coloured then covered in Glossy Accents, and the crates where assembled, sponged with Black Acrylic, then rubbed over with Viva Inka Gold Paste: Brown Gold. I filled these with, Blueprints, Maps, Notebooks & a Bottle....... all printies on the free Printables pdf at bottom of post (loads to choose from...... 6 sheets in total!!)




The first 2 shelves contain, Books, "Fan" Charm (top cut off & stuck on square washer/nut), Glass Bottle (full of old staples kept from packaging..... told you I never throw anything potentially useful out!), old Halogeon Bulb (stuck in mdf washer coverd in black acrylic and paste), Mini Brass Binochulars (purchased on e-bay), Glass Bottle (full of copper coloured sequins... love these really catch the light!), a tiny component out of an old Mouse (computer, non furry!) and some Tool Charms from my stash.

The 3rd & Bottom Shelves contain, Books, Glass jar painted with Rock Candy Clear Crackle Paint (this will not stick directly to glass.... 1st paint with glue or Mod Podge which dries clear, once dry paint on the Rock Candy & you get a lovely Cracked Glass effect :-)), a Prima Bulb Embellishment stuck on a Wing Nut which was stuck on 1 of our mdf cogs (decorated as before)), some watch parts purchased on ebay, another bottle full of sequins... & 1 of our New Mini Suitcases! see Cabinet of Steampunk Glam Curiosities for more details :-)......


The Main section contains a large Crate, Various Cogs from our Cog Packs, plus an mdf Balloon (available soon). The balloon was sponged with Black Acrylic. The Balloon part was covered in Viva Inka Gold Paste: Copper & Brown Gold then covered in Glossy Accents. To form the basket I used various Watch Parts.


I was really pleased how this came together hope you like it too :-)

Free Printies Link Below

Steampunk Printables