Steampunk Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Steampunk Glam Curiosities

My Second Steampunk Cabinet of Curiosities is based on a Glamorous Steampunk Adventurer!! I love all the Steampunk Ladies, (I so could have embraced this look back in my Art Student Days :-)) As this was an Adventourous, well travelled Lady I thought she'd appreciate a set of Matching Luggage!! I created these Mini Suitcases specially for this Cabinet, but these would also work great on a Travel themed Cabinet.... (mmm....more ideas...) .... Anyway the Suitcases come in a pack of 3 Mini Suitcases, included with this is a link to a pdf. The pdf contains 3 Colourways of Suitcase which I have designed & which you can print and stick on your cases! plus a page of 100 (yes 100!!) Mini Travel Labels and A Mini Luggage Label to attach to your cases :-).


This Cabinet Background was created by sticking Wood Effect Paper onto the pieces then assembling. This requires a little dexterity as the Paper creates a snug fit, plus you need to cut away the paper from all the Holes & most of the Lugs (if you would like a copy of this paper please email me). Alternatively you could assemble, Paint Brown then line the shelves and cover the back & front or easily create a faux wood effect as I did on the Cabinet of Sewing Curiosities.

This Cabinet contains 2 of our 3D Mini Baskets, 2 Midi Flower Buttons stuck together & our Mini-Frame: MF-01. I assembled the Baskets then sponged Black Acrylic on the Baskets & the Frame then rubbed on Viva Inka Gold Paste: Brown Gold. Also included are 4 Buttons. Corset, Boots, Perfume Bottle & Divers Helmet. The Corset Button was coloured with Felt Pens and White signo. The Boots Button was sponged with Black Acrylic then rubbed with Viva Inka Gold Paste: Silver & Brown Gold. The Divers Helmet Button was sponged with Black acrylic and rubbed with Viva Inka Gold Paste: Copper, and the Perfume Button was coloured with a Mauve Glitter Pen then covered with Glossy Accents.

I glued the Case Printables on to the Cases with Mod Podge using a Sponge Spreader. As with all self printables be aware that sometimes the ink can run. After attaching to the Suitcase Blanks I rubbed on Natural Beeswax (Furniture Polish!!). Once Dry carefully Buff with a soft Cloth to create a shine. If you are unsure always do testers first to make sure that the colours don't run... before attaching to Suitcases :-) As you can see on the image to the right it's amazing what a differencethe Polish makes to the apperance of the finished case :-)






I have used lots of Brass Charms (remove the hanger if necessary), Lace, Flowers, Printables (all available at bottom of Post :-)). I have added watch parts purchased on e-bay to many of the items which I thought looked fab. I generally listen to Music whilst working and love most forms be it Classical to Rap..... but the greatest Rock Band for me will always be Led Zeppelin. So I had to include some of their "Zeppelin" Covers which seemed kind of appropriate!! and some Vintage Concert tickets I found online... it cost 50p to see one of their concerts back in the day... wow!!

Link for Steampunk Glam Printables below

Steampunk Glam Printables