Baby Boy Keepsake Cabinet

Baby Boy Keepsake Cabinet

Following on from the Baby Girl Keepsake Cabinet.. now one for the Boys :-) I prepared the actual cabinet in the same way as for the Girls Cabinet with White Gesso this time finishing with Viva Inka Gold Paste "Aquamarine" rubbed gently on to the front. The Shelves where lined with Blue papers from the Authentique: 6 x 6 Bundle "Classique: Elegant" and Authentique: 6 x 6 Bundle "Collection: Promise" paper packs and the brown is from the Forever Friends: 12 x 12 "Kraft Notes: Designstax".

I have included our Cut-Out: CO-807 Boy in Pram & 2 Buttons: 805 Baby Shoes & 794 Babies Bib. These where all coloured with Caran D'Ache Pencils: "Aquarelle: 999-161", Caran D'Ache: "Aquarelle: 999-180", Caran D'Ache: "Aquarelle: 999-051" & Caran D'Ache: "Aquarelle: 999-035" the white areas are coloured with a "Uni-Ball Signo Broad". Colouring Pencil gives a lovely muted Pastel effect on the Buttons. Gently Brush off any loose Pencil Dust once complete. I have also coated these with a layer of Mod Podge: Matt. Brush very carefully on as the pencil can move into other areas as it is sat on "top" of the wood having not sunk in like felt pen does.


I thought it would be fun to make some little "Toys" for the Cabinet and designed these Cute little "Pull Alongs" to put on the Shelves. I have created approx 20 different "Toys" and include 3 in the Cabinet. " Pull Alongs" will be available on our Website Soon!!. I coloured these again with the Colouring Pencil & around the edges of the Toy but left the edges of the wheels brown. This created a lovely Vintage effect to these toys giving the effect of worn edges where they have been lovingly played with! (I did not finish these with Mod Podge, they look better left as is). The pull String was made from embroidery silks and the "Handle" created from Beads. I didn't have any suitable coloured Beads so I coloured some Silver Beads with my Trusty Sharpies :-) The thread is approx 6cm long. I finished the top off and the wheels with Black Plated Brass Flat Head Pins (used for making jewellery/earrings). I snipped them short and glued in place.



I have again designed a range of Miniature Printables for your Cabinets. See link at end of Post :-). These include all the Books, some vintage Images, Boxes, Packets etc., and some cute little Building Bricks. I inked all the edges of the Bricks before assembling. I have also used in this Cabinet an oval Basket from our 3D Baskets pack (omitted the handle) and our Mini-Frame: MF-01. I assembled the basket then rubbed both this and the Mini-Frame with the Viva Inka Gold Paste "Aquamarine".





For this Cabinet I decided to Roll up the little Terry Towel Bundles (see Girl Cabinet for Terry Towel info). I cut the Terry Towel into pieces 6.5cm x 6cm. Place the piece 6cm across by 6.5cm high. Fold up approx 1.5cm from the bottom then fold the top down until the width is approx 2.75 cm. I popped a couple of stitches in each end to secure which then makes them easier to roll up. Sew again to secure once rolled up, then stick down into the cabinet so the stitching is hidden.

To finish the Cabinet I have added some Miniature Teddy Bears, purchased on line plus some Ribbons, Bows, Buttons etc from my stash.

I hope you enjoy making one of these little Baby Keepsake Cabinets. They would make a wonderful gift for the Parents of a newborn or a Christening Gift.

Link to Baby Boy Printables below :-)

Baby Boy Printables