Tim and Me!

Well, usually if anyone brings out a camera I'm the first to dive for cover...... however, Mr Tim Holtz and Me is too good an opportunity to miss!!  Yes that is me and the man himself, who I recently met at an exhibition.  Such a nice and charming man, helpful to everyone and really cool!


............and just in-case you are wondering what that piece of card is I'm holding in my hot little hand..... well just see below :-)


How cool is that.... my very own Tim Holtz original..... a demonstration piece he produced and also so kindly signed for me!  A mini art work!  Tim produced it by using his Alcohol Inks on his new Yupo Card, amazing stuff.  Each time you add ink e.t.c., instead of it ending up all "muddy" each layer replaces the next so all the colours are still vibrant and you can create some amazing effects, definitely one for the shopping list me thinks :-) .......and, of course, a picture frame for my little treasure :-)