Seasonals Collection Xmas Plaque Pack “Xmas”


Seasonals Collection Xmas Plaque Pack “Xmas”

Approx size when assembled: 196mm x 263mm
Total 32 pieces

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A beautiful Christmas Tree shaped wall plaque full of Christmas themed goodies for you to decorate, The perfect mixed media project for you to enjoy decorating in so many unique and different ways.

  • Our aim is to use the very best materials, our “Craftwood” products are cut from 2.5 mm Premium Grade MDF
  • We engrave and cut the mdf at 600 dpi.
  • Up to 100% Smoke Free Surface, the very nature of laser cutting products from mdf means they will have a dark edge however due to our manufacturing process and quality of the laser we use the surface shows virtually none of the staining generally associated with laser cut mdf.
  • No sanding required.
  • Easily decorated with paper, felt pen, gel pen, stains, inks, stamp pads, sprays etc.
  • Designed & Laser Cut in the UK by Craftwood Creations.