Family Tree “Grandchildren”


Family Tree with word “Grandchildren” & 10 Large & 4 Small Hearts
Tree: 205 mm x 247 mm
Hearts: Large: 35 mm x 35 mm Small: 19 mm x 19 mm
Word “Grandchildren”: 149 mm 17 mm

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Large Family Tree with word “Grandchildren” & 10 Large & 4 Small Hearts
Made from Premium Grade 2.5mm MDF.
Perfectly sized to fit a standard 10″ x 12″ (30.5cm x 25.4cms) Picture Frame.

About our Mdf Products

  • Our aim is to use the very best materials, our “Craftwood” products are cut from 2.5 mm Premium Grade MDF
  • We engrave and cut the mdf at 600 dpi.
  • Up to 100% Smoke Free Surface, the very nature of laser cutting products from mdf means they will have a dark edge however due to our manufacturing process and quality of the laser we use the surface shows virtually none of the staining generally associated with laser cut mdf.
  • No sanding required.
  • Easily decorated with paper, felt pen, gel pen, stains, inks, stamp pads, sprays etc.
  • Designed & Laser Cut in the UK by Craftwood Creations.