Chipboard Cog Corners Set


Chipboard Cog Corners Set made from 1mm thick chipboard
Size Guide background 150mm x 150mm



    Chipboard Craft Card

  • A Premium Quality Chipboard Craft Card, approx 1mm thick specially designed for the application of Inks and Paints.
  • The Creamy Coloured virtually smoke free Surface is excellent for Colour Application of Sprays, Acrylics, Sharpie Pens, Glitter, Pastes, Glossy/Crackle Accents, Waxes, etc.

    Chipboard Design Sets

  • Each Chipboard Set comes with the designs attached to the surrounding layer. We recommend removing each element by cutting the tiny little tabs that hold the design into the background with a Sharp Craft Knife. Each piece has approx 4 or less tiny tabs holding the item depending on the size or design of the piece.

The backgound is excellent for trying out media before use or can actually form part of a Mixed Media Project Design. Alternatively it can be cut up to stick behind other items for layering up.

Due to the 1mm thickness it is excellent for use in Craft Journals. A Great product for all Mixed Media and Craft Projects.