Let’s Talk Christmas

Definitely coming all over Christmassy with our new Free Standing Letters. Easily decorated in so many ways. The "Noel" Letters where covered in Music Paper downloaded from HERE. All the Letter edges where sponged with Ranger Dsitress Ink Walnut Stain & the Bases also, straight onto the MDF. I created a cluster on the "O" with some Ribbon, Gold Berries, Flowers and one of our Filigree Bells. The Bell was coloured with Gold Metallic Sharpie then coated with a generous layer of Ranger Crackle Accents.



"Joy" was also covered in paper downloaded HERE. After covering with paper I sanded all the edges. Sand along the edges and back of the Letters, then sand in a Downward Motion on the front, (i.e., from front to back) otherwise you may lift the paper off the edge. This creates a lovely worn, Shabby Chic, look. I then used Mod Podge "Sparkle" to seal the letters and create a lovely Glittery effect. The Bauble looked a bit plastic so I stuck it upside down in some Blu Tack and also brushed with the Mod Podge Sparkle, this created a lovely effect as most of the Mod Podge collected at the bottom i.e., the top of the Bauble once it was hung back up the right way!